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Canoe '22 - Updates: Nowlan Street Parking Lot Closure

by Banook Canoe Club

Nowlan Street Parking Lot and Findlay Park Closure

Nowlan Lot Closure

Canoe '22 has advised the Nowlan Street parking lot will be closing at the end of today (July 18th). They will be starting the process of moving in tents to Findlay Park and the parking lot. They are trying to find a time when there are no cars in the parking lot so they can begin this process safely. Findlay Park will also be closing; the image above outlines only the parking lot perimeter (red with white border) to assist in clarifying which parking lot is closing.

This closure will remove parking capacity for our members, especially for those in day camps and paddling programs. It is anticipated that this will cause extra congestion in the club's lot, particularly for the morning drop off. We ask that drivers have patience for pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. Please be respectful of our neighbours, in both ensuring they can continue to use their driveways, and using your vehicle's horn in the case of emergency only.

The children arriving to the club are excited to come to camp each morning. Everyone, please be extra cautious as you enter the parking area. If you are able to walk, cycle, carpool, or take alternate transportation, it is highly encouraged. Every little bit helps. When planning your route, please note there will be no pedestrian access from Hawthorne Street through Findlay Park to the club; use Banook Avenue.

The Canoe '22 team has taken steps to ensure contractor vehicles are not utilizing the parking spaces at the Club going forward.

Halifax's Media Centre has announced other road closures which can be found at:

If you spot any safety concerns please contact us at [email protected]

Updates to closures will be posted to our website.