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Canoe '22 Closure Plan

by Banook Canoe Club

Canoe ‘22 Banook Plan

Hello Banook families. Canoe 22 is quickly approaching and we wanted to provide everyone with some updates regarding Banook Canoe Club.

Canoe ’22 is the International Canoe Federation (ICF) World Championship competition. (ICF is the sprint canoe kayak international regulatory body). We are very excited to welcome the world’s best paddlers to our own Lake Banook and we are thrilled to partner with the Canoe ‘22 Society and Canoe Kayak Canada for this amazing event.

You can see further information about the event at the Canoe ‘22 website: https://canoe22.com/

Banook Canoe Club closure

  • Banook Canoe Club will be closed to all members as follows:
    1. From Friday, July 29 - 5:00 pm until Monday, August 8 at 7:30 am
      1. No Members will have any access to the club during this time period
        1. Please do not arrive to access the club as you will be refused entry
        2. This includes the club facility, the parking lot, the Banook beach area and the Banook docks
      2. Only event personnel with accreditation from the Canoe ‘22 event will have access to Banook Canoe Club - event security will stop anyone without proper accreditation
      3. Please note that the Banook parking lot will be inaccessible from 5:00 pm on Friday, July 29. Large trucks will be delivering portable toilets and other equipment. We require all members to ensure all cars are removed from the Banook lot by 4:30 pm.
        1. Parents/ Guardians of Activity Camp children will be permitted to access the lot until 5:00 pm to pick up children.
  • The Banook Board planned in advance to ensure there is no Activity Camp scheduled the week of August 1 - August 5, so there will be no impact for Activity Camp
  • The Banook Board also ensured there are no swimming lessons scheduled during the week of August 1 - August 5, so there is no impact for swimming lessons
  • There will be no programming on Natal Day, as Monday, August 1 is a holiday for all Banook staff.

Personal Boats:

There will be NO access to personal boats from July 29 - August 8. All boats will be locked in the boat bays at Banook Canoe Club - however, no members will be permitted to access the club or their boats during this time.

Members are welcome to make arrangements to remove their boats from the Banook boat bays by Thursday, July 28 at 6:00 pm. Any boats that are not removed by this time will be safely locked in the Banook boat bays during the event.

Friday, July 29:

Activity Camps and scheduled paddling programs will take place on Friday, July 29 EXCEPT for programs after 6:00 pm. Please remember that there can be no parking in the parking lot after 4:30 pm.

  • There will be no Masters practice the evening of Friday, July 29.


Canoe ‘22 is setting up a temporary space at Graham’s Grove Park, to accommodate limited paddle programming offered by Micmac, Senobe and Banook Canoe Club.

For Banook, limited paddling programs will be offered at Camp Canoe by Banook Staff starting Tuesday, August 2-5. Regular programming and coaching will return on Monday, August 8.

We recognize that this change to location and programming will impact Banook families.

We have been advised that a number of Banook families are choosing not to take part in Banook programming for this week. All coaches understand that a number of youth may not attend during this time. All families should discuss this plan with their children and determine the best decision for their family.

Temporary Location Details:

  • There will be a large tent set up that will be shared by paddlers from all clubs - there is no indoor facility (including during inclement weather).
  • Please ensure your athlete has sufficient water for the day - there will be no place to refill water bottles.
  • There will be portable toilets set up in the area - there are no indoor bathrooms and no change room facilities.
  • See map below for Camp Canoe layout details.

Temporary Boat Storage & Security:

  • We will be taking some Banook boats, including coach boats, to the Graham’s Grove site.
  • We will also coordinate with some paddlers who wish to take their personal boats to Graham’s Grove for training that week - please speak with head coach Kevin who will assist with logistics for moving boats.
    • IMPORTANT INFO: Club and personal boats will be moved during the day on Friday, July 29
  • There will be nightly security on duty from July 28 - August 7 to ensure that club boats/ personal boats are secure while in this location.
  • This area will be staffed daily, to keep an eye on our equipment.


All boats moved to Camp Canoe, including personal boats, will be stored OUTSIDE for the duration of the week - some will be stored on the ground and some on racks. There is no indoor storage.

Paddling Programming Plan:

  • All Banook coaches will be working from the Camp Canoe location August 2-5
  • All other Banook staff will assist Banook coaches
  • There will be limited programming during the regularly scheduled sessions for U10/ U12/ U14/ U16 paddlers
  • There will be NO KIDDIE CANOE August 1-5
  • There will be NO ACTIVITY CAMP August 1-5
  • The field behind the Graham’s Grove area can be used by families - however, this space will be SHARED with Senobe and MicMac Canoe Clubs.
  • There will be no Banook staff supervision for paddlers, including U10/ U12 except during scheduled practice sessions.
    • If families wish to stay at the site during the day, parents/ babysitters are permitted to use the field area (see map below)
    • PLEASE REMEMBER: this is a shared location for all 3 Lake Banook clubs
  • There is one long dock which will be reserved for use by the paddlers for practice. Only paddlers will be permitted to access this dock space.
  • There will be no swimming in the Camp Canoe area
  • The parking lot at Graham’s Grove should only be used for drop-off/ pick up - no parking in this lot
  • Limited parking is available in the Superstore parking lot across the street - we ask all Banook members to please respect the store and customers and park at the very far end of the lot, furthest away from the store entrance
  • Banook staff will run other limited activities during the day including watching some of the competition, games and dryland practices
  • Masters practices will continue during the evenings - Masters paddlers should speak to their coach
Canoe22 Grahams Grove Map