2022-2023 Membership Fees

Whether a new member, or renewing from last year, the following fee schedule will apply. The current season programming fees can be found on the CKC Member site. Paddling Programs, Member Activity Camps, Swimming Lessons and off-season program fees are in addition to Annual Membership Fees.

Membership Type Annual Fee (+HST)
Family Membership (Paddling or Social) $475
Individual Membership (Paddling) $305
Senior Membership (65+) (Paddling) $177.50
Individual (Social) $105
Honorary Individual (eg. Former Canadian Olympian) $50
Honorary Family (eg. Former Head Coach and family) $100

The prices listed above already include a $100 Capital Campaign fee / COVID surcharge. HST is not included in the fee amounts listed above and will be applied at time of purchase.

You can add boat storage, if required, to any membership while registering.

Banook Canoe Club is approaching 120 years in age, and we want to see it serve the community for another 120 years.  To make this happen, BCC is beginning a capital campaign this season for a major renovation which will possibly being in 2022.  To help resource some of the early work, Banook is adding an annual Capital Campaign Fee to each membership, of $25 per individual membership, and $50 per family membership.  For transparency, the revenue collected each year through this fee will be reported in the Club’s annual financial statements.

Running programs and keeping the Club open during a pandemic and with the restrictions imposed continues to come at a cost.  For this reason we again have a COVID-19 surcharge on each membership, but the cost is reduced this year to $25 per individual membership and $50 per family membership.  This is necessary to be able to cover incremental expenses associated with fulfilling public health measures at the club.  If COVID-19 restrictions are removed by the province this year, the remaining proceeds from the COVID-19 surcharge will be directed to the Capital Campaign Fund.