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Strategic Plan

by Banook Canoe Club
Strategic Plan

We want to hear from Banook Members! Help shape our new 5-year Strategic Plan

Please complete this short survey by January 12, 2024

The Board of Directors for Banook Canoe Club is beginning to develop a new 5-year strategic plan, and we would like to hear from our incredible membership and broader community to help inform that plan. This is your opportunity to tell us what Banook Canoe Club could do differently, or focus on, in the next 5 years. Please take a few minutes to answer these eight questions and share your views with us as we take Banook Canoe Club into the future.

All members are encouraged to fill out the survey (including all members within a family).Please complete the survey by January 12, 2024. Your feedback will help us shape our future plans. Thank you! Please follow this link to complete the survey: