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Revitalization Project Design Team

by Banook Canoe Club


Banook Canoe Club has recently hired Pinto Engineering to turn our design concept into construction-ready drawings and specifications.

Banook Boat Club announces design team selected for upcoming renovations which includes:

  • Pinto Engineering
  • DesignPoint
  • EnGlobe
  • MacFawn and Rogers Architects

The construction design phase is expected to be completed late September or early October.

Design Team Members

Members of the design team from left to right:

George Rogers - MacFawn and Rogers Architects, lead architect
Heather Corrigan - Committee member
Kelly Hines - DesignPoint, EIT Civil
Tara Sherrard - WSP, project manager
Geoff Bennett - Committee member, Facilities Director BCC
Malcolm Pinto - Pinto Engineering, lead engineer
Ameen El Matni - Englobe, senior electrical engineer
Shaun Lafferty - Committee member

Design Team Logos