Swimming Lessons

Banook has a long history of offering Red Cross Swim Kids program to its membership during the summer months.  In order to align with local programming and lifesaving courses, Banook offers the National Lifeguarding Society’s Swim for Life program.  Swim for Life® is a complete learn-to-swim program from introduction to water through to Leadership. 


Program content is stroke and skill driven: entries and exits; surface support; underwater skills; Swim to Survive® skills; movement / swimming skills; fitness, and Water Smart® education. A fun program with achievable content is enjoyable for both participants and instructors.

For these reasons, the Sportsplex and the Canada Games Centre now offer the Swim to Survive program.  Another important advantage is that this program aligns with the National Lifeguarding programming such as Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross, which are the cornerstones to lifeguarding.

Swim for Life consists of numerous levels for both preschool (3-5 yrs) to school aged children (5+ yrs) and beyond.  Once the levels are completed, they lead seamlessly into the Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol program for kids 11-13, and then to Bronze Star and above.  Our qualified instructors will assess the appropriate levels for your child at the beginning of the session.  

For more information, please refer to the Swim for Life program at-a-glance, provided by the Lifesaving Society.

Summer Details

Banook offers two sessions of swimming lessons this summer. Each class runs Monday-Thursday for the first three weeks of each month at just $40 per session!

  • Swim Kids level 1 to 10 (Session 1 July)
  • Swim Kids level 1 to 10 (Session 2 August)

Sign up when you renew or buy a club membership;  classes  fill up quickly each summer!

Swim Lessons


There are no prerequisites for the Bronze Star program. Participants will learn CPR and develop the lifesaving skills needed to be their own lifeguard. Successful completion requires a 400m timed swim.

Banook also offers bronze medallion and bronze cross courses to its membership. These courses teach an understanding of the lifesaving principals embodied in the four components of the water-rescue education – judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness. Candidates learn tows, carries, rescues and first aid including rescue breathing and obstructed airway. Candidates also develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim.

In order to participate in the Bronze Medallion program, participants must be 13 years of age or older, or have a Bronze Star certification. For the Bronze Cross, participants must have successfully completed their Bronze Medallion and have completed an Emergency First Aid course, such as the St. John Ambulance Babysitting Course.

Bronze Star
Date: TBC for two hours each afternoon
Time: TBC (we will confirm a time once paddling and swimming schedules are confirmed)

Bronze Medallion
Cost: $150
Date: TBC
Time: 9am to 5pm

Bronze Cross
Date: TBC
Time: 9am to 5pm

Check out the Lifesaving Society‘s webpages for more information about the Bronze Medallion, Bronze Star, and Bronze Cross Program


  • Banook aims to align our swim programming around the paddling schedule to enable children to participate in all club activities. We will make every reasonable effort to resolve conflict between swim programming and paddling where it occurs.
  • Swim lessons are organized on a first come, first serve basis after June 15. Lessons offered will be based on family registrations completed in the spring. We reserve the right to NOT OFFER certain levels, if the need is not there. We are a small club with limited resources and may not be able to offer all levels in one or both sessions. We encourage you to register your children for lessons AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION or BEFORE June 15.
  • Due to continued registration, numbers of participants and lesson class sizes change frequently. For this reason, the swim lesson schedule will not be available until opening day.