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Welcome Karen!

by Banook Canoe Club
Karen Furneaux

Banook Canoe Club is thrilled to announce Karen Furneaux has joined us in the role of Assistant Coach. Karen is a Team Canada veteran, a three-time Olympian and a two-time World Champion (1998, 2001).

With a passion for supporting greater inclusion and diversity in sport and lots of experience working with athletes of all ages, Karen is a strong believer in the power of sport to foster valuable life skills, particularly for youth. She teaches strategies to develop positive body image, goal setting, to deal with adversity, build self-confidence, positive self-talk, and more.

The Club hosted a meet and greet this past weekend allowing members to extend a warm welcome to Karen, as she has officially commenced in the role of Assistant Coach. We are very proud to have her wearing the Banook red and white.