Pan Am Canoe Championships

Information for Banook Members

Starting around September 7th, members will see changes happening on the lake and at the club as the Pan-Am Championships setup begins. As previously mentioned in the weekly newsletters, the Banook Canoe Club (BCC) will transform into the Pan-Am athletes village to host over 300 of the top competitors, coaches and trainers from approx. 16 countries in North, Central, and South America.

Q1. When will the Pam Am Championships take place?

Athletes from countries will start to arrive in early September to train on lake banook. The majority of the athletes, coaches and trainers will arrive the weekend of September 8. The high-level segment of the Championships will run from Sept 13 to 16.

Q2. Can I watch the races from Banook Canoe Club?

Unfortunately, the Club will serve as the athletes village during the Pan Am Championships and will only be accessible to those associated with the races. We do recommend you take advantage of the FREE grandstands that will setup near the Mic Mac Athletic Club along Prince Albert Road.

Q3. Can I access the beach for swimming?

Our beach area and lawn will also be very busy with boats and athletes, and to ensure the safety of everyone, all areas of the Club will be limited to those associated with the Pan Am Championships.

Q4. How can I help?

We need volunteers, volunteers, and more volunteers! Embrace the opportunity to be apart of a world class athletic event and help Banook make it a huge success. We are posting all volunteering opportunities on our web site.

Every hour of volunteering is elidable to count as a Banook membership volunteer credit. Please try to sign-up early as some volunteers will need to be accredited by the Pan Am organizers to gain access to Banook Canoe Club and surrounding areas during the races.

Q5. Is there anything I need to do if I store my boat at Banook?

Yes. As part of Banook’s rental agreement with the Pan Am Championships organizers, our boat storage bays will need to be emptied by September 8. Members that rent storage space at Banook can choose to move the boat themselves by September 7, or the Banook Canoe Club will store it along side with club boats in a near by storage location.

Q6. Can I rent my boat to athletes during the Pan Am Championships?

Yes, please contact Banook Canoe Club if you wish to be added to our list. We are already receiving inquiries from some countries who are looking to rent high-performance boats for training. Banook does not accept any responsibilities for any private rental agreements.

Q7. Where can I find out more information?



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