New Members

New BCC Family Members

Welcome to the club! We hope you enjoy being part of the Banook Community and have tons of fun with us. Here is some things you need to know!

Hours of Operation

Banook is open 9-5 every day to Club Members only.

Programs Offered

We have many programs available to members, for all ages. Novice paddling, recreation paddling, elite paddling, swimming lessons, swim team, dragon boating, and fitness programs. Check out our programs on our website menu to find what works for your family.

Supervision at the club

First and foremost, our staff at Banook is responsible for teaching your kids about paddling, swimming and other activities and providing a fun atmosphere for them. We are very particular about their safety and security. That being said, we can not, and are not their babysitters. Those under 12 must be accompanied by babysitter or adult at the club.

Stay Connected

Sign up for our emailing system on the front page of our website. Also, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for additional up to date information.

Our event page also displays all the summer events! Check it regularly!

Head coaches of each program will send out emails to keep parents informed about all of the upcoming events! Make sure the coach has your correct email!

Equipment Needed

Atoms and Peewees are required to wear PDFs anytime they are in a boat. We highly recommend buying your own PDF and labelling well with his or her name. Bantams are required to wear a Life Belt and again, we recommend purchasing your own Life Belt.

Note: Banook does supply PFDs and Life Belts, but they are in limited supply and we recommend not relying on them. We are not responsible for providing these for every child.

Additionally, kids may want to purchase their own war canoe bun. A bun is a supportive pillow, which paddlers use to support their kneeling knee in war canoe. These can be purchased from Banook’s Manager.

Banook Club Boats

Boats owned by the club are considered club boats. Club boats are only allowed to be used if a paddling coach authorizes it, and agrees to supervise. This includes the waves. Additionally, club boats can only be used by club members and not by any guests.

Banook Fundraising Credits

Banook has a unique fundraising system, where members write a post dated check upon registration for a fixed amount. Over the next year, members have the opportunity to volunteer, to work back their money. Otherwise, the cheque will be cashed if no volunteer work has been performed.


There is a canteen available at the club keeping our stomachs and sweet tooth satisfied. Check out their website page for menu items, and hours of operation.


Each paddling division has at least two regattas(competitions) over the course of the season. The regatta schedule is on our website and the ADCKC website. Regattas are all over the province to help develop the sport. It is not mandatory to go to the regattas but it highly recommended for development and fun. Each paddling coach inform you well in advance of upcoming regattas, and will ask you to reply if you would like to participate. Please reply regardless if you are competing or not, to make it easy for the instructor.

Paddling staff will register athletes in each different races over the day, and bring paddles and boats to the course. It is the athletes responsibility to look at the draw and be at the race course 60min prior to their first race of the day to check in with their coach. Otherwise, the coach must report all scratches (no- shows) to the officials so they do not hold up the regatta waiting for someone.


The Atlantic Division Canoe Kayak Canada is our sport governing body. Their website provides a regatta schedule for paddling programs and they also provide volunteer officials for every regatta. Click here for their website and more information.