Hire Your Own Babysitter

As part of our summer programming, we offer child supervision for children 5-12 years old in both our Member Childcare program and our Non-member Summer camps program.

However, member parents with younger children will need to make alternative arrangements. (Non-members can only register in the Non-Member Summer camp programs for children between 5-12)

Banook’s summer programs for 4-7 year olds (Members Only) 

As a member, Banook offers a life guarded beach all summer, and swimming lessons for this age group and older (extra fee applies).  We also offer free Kiddie Canoe daily for children who are 4-7 yeas old. For Kiddie canoe, a Junior coach will be in attendance to assist with boats and watch over the group, however, parents or babysitters should be in attendance to watch over their children. Kiddie canoe is pretty self contained. The kids are isolated to the area just around the dock, so it’s pretty relaxed. On Friday’s, if it’s not too windy, they will paddle the war canoe down to the end of the lake. There is lots of supervision, the kids are close, and they are all wearing life jackets. 

We must emphasize, Children under 12 must have a babysitter or parent to supervise them (or be enrolled in our Member Childcare or Non-Member Summer Camp program).

As a courtesy to Banook families looking for their own sitter, Banook will share a list of people who have contacted us to offer private childcare services. Please note:

  • These people are not associated with the Banook Canoe Club, and it is the responsibility of the parent to do the background checks of the babysitters. 
  • Babysitters do not have to be members of Banook.  
  • Most babysitters are caring for 2 or 3 families at a time. There may be families looking to share their sitter to cut down on costs, and there will always be families looking for a sitter.
  • Banook will be gathering babysitter names and contact information each Spring,  please contact us if you require a list of contacts.

Any member with a responsible young adult looking to offer babysitting services this summer at Banook, please contact the General Manager, Stephen Pottie at or 902-464-1740