Annual General Meeting 2020

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To: All Members, Banook Canoe Club
From: Board of Directors, Banook Canoe Club

This will serve as a reminder notice of the 2020 Annual General Meeting. Please follow instructions below in red if you wish to attend the AGM. 

Annual General Meeting:

As per the requirements of the Bylaws of Banook Canoe Club:

“The Club shall have an annual general meeting in the month of September each year.” Canoe Kayak Canada has given permission for AGMs to be conducted virtually.

We invite all current members of Banook Canoe Club to this Annual General Meeting – to be held virtually online, via GoTo Meeting as follows:

Date: Monday, September 21, 2020

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

The Agenda, 2019 AGM Minutes and Board Reports are available below:

Please send an email to Kim Gaudet, Board President at the following email address stating your intention to attend this Annual General Meeting.

All current members are welcome to attend this meeting. Only members 19 years of age and older are permitted to vote.

When you send your email, please include the names of all voting members in your family who will be attending. This will assist in ensuring we have required quorum for this meeting.

Kim will send out via email the meeting link to all members who email with their intention to attend the Annual General Meeting. Only those who advise Kim of their intent to attend will receive this email link. 

Elections of Officers and Board Members 

The current Board of Directors is inviting members to join the Board. As you all know, Banook is volunteer driven, and we need to expand the base of the volunteers that support the organization if it is going to continue to serve the community. Some current Board members have indicated they will remain on the Board – but we need some new volunteers. Please consider joining the Board.

Except for the Past President, the Directors and Officers shall be elected by the members at each annual general meeting of the Club. The Past President is automatically an Officer of the Board.

The Board shall consist of at least ten Directors and not more than fourteen. Each year, all Board positions are available for election. They are listed below. All positions are up for election every year. The Officer positions are one-year terms – renewable for a maximum of 2 years.

The Officers of the Club:

  • President 
  • Vice-President 
  • Finance Director
  • Secretary – will be vacant after September 21
  • Past-President. 

In addition to the officers above, the Board may consist of the following positions: 

  • Paddling Director
  • Swim Director
  • Fundraising Director – currently vacant
  • Facilities Director – currently vacant
  • Communications Director – will be vacant after September 21
  • Membership Director
  • Masters Representative – will be vacant after September 21
  • Athlete Representative
  • Director-at-large – one position currently vacant

Nominations for the Board 

Nominees seeking election to any of the Board positions above should submit their name and position of interest to Cheryl Canning, Membership Director in advance of the AGM to

Please note that there was an error in the previous AGM communication. If you have already submitted an email with your intent to run for a board position but have not received a response, please resubmit the email to the above (corrected) email address. Thank you 

Nominations may also be accepted at the AGM. Anyone seeking nomination must be present at the AGM or must authorize some member present at the meeting to announce their willingness to act as a Director.

Eligibility for Board election 

Every voting member of the Club shall be eligible to be elected as a Director of the Board. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of your Board Members.

Once again, if you wish to attend the virtual AGM, please follow instructions above in red.

Best Regards,
Kim Gaudet
Banook Commodore/ President Board of Directors