Natal Day Weekend @ Banook

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There will be no programming at Banook Canoe Club on Monday, August 3. There will be no paddling programs and no lifeguards on duty. There will be no member Activity Camp childcare on this date. 

The gate will be open to members only this long weekend

  • Saturday: 800 – 5:00pm
    •  Lifeguard on duty 1100 – 1:00pm
  • Sunday: Noon – 5:00pm
    • No lifeguard no duty
  • Monday: Noon – 5:00pm for beach/grass access only
    •  The club facility including washrooms will be closed all day. Unfortunately, the Municipality has cancelled fireworks and other Natal Day celebrations. 

Please note: there will be no Natal Day fireworks this year at Birch Cove Beach in Dartmouth.