Summer Update – July 29, 2020

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U10 Regatta – Wednesday August 5 (rescheduled)

We are excited for the first U10 regatta and we received some amazing news from ADCKC yesterday. Members are now allowed to be at Banook, Senobe, and Mic Mac during regattas. Woohoo!

Thank you again to ADCKC for permitting this change! We can’t wait to have parents and members cheering at Banook!

The coaches have registered paddlers in the U10 – the draft draw can be found at the following links. Please note this is draft only and may change – please keep an eye for updated postings on the ADCKC Schedule page.

U10 Draw

Please ensure your paddler arrives at the club 60 minutes prior to their first race. They should check in with their coach upon arrival.

Please note – only members will be able to access Banook Canoe Club – regrettably we cannot welcome others to Banook unless they are registered members. Gate attendants will be monitoring access/ checking members.

The club will essentially be divided into 2 areas for regattas.

Parents/ members will set up in the squares on the grass – ensuring to maintain the required 2 metres/ 6 feet distance. Parents can go up on the upper deck only to watch your child’s race. (Using the stairs from the grass area to the deck). Please also ensure to maintain 6 feet distancing on the deck (the picnic tables are each 6 feet apart). After your child’s race, please return to your square on the grass, following the arrows for the stairs. Parents will be permitted to use the washrooms in the hall only.

ONLY paddlers and coaches will be allowed on the lower/ dock area. No parents are permitted on the dock level. Paddlers and coaches will use the washrooms/ changerooms in the newer side of the club. Member Activity Day Camp will be open as always – parents can either pick up their children early if they are going to watch the races or at regular time.

Please ensure to pack extra snacks and plenty of water as the regatta is scheduled 4:00 – 6:30 pm. Also remember your PFD, a hat and sunscreen. Athletes should race in a Banook singlet or in a red t-shirt. Banook singlets and shirts are available for purchase in the Banook office.

U16 + older Regatta – Friday, July 31

Coaches will be registering athletes for this regatta. Keep an eye out for further details later this week.

Heat Warnings

You may have seen there have been a number of heat warnings over the past weekend and there are more forecasted for this upcoming weekend. Please remind your athletes to drink lots of water, to wear sunscreen and to stay in shaded areas as much as possible. Paddling activities will be suspended if the humidex temperature is above 40 degrees Celcius. Practices will be amended between 35-40°C.

Natal Day

There will be no programming at Banook Canoe Club on Monday, August 3. There will be no paddling programs and no lifeguards on duty. There will be no member Activity Camp childcare on this date.

The gate will be open to members only noon – 5:00 pm for beach/ grass access only. The club facility including washrooms will be closed all day. Unfortunately, the Municipality has cancelled fireworks and other Natal Day celebrations.

Renewed Vigilance – COVID-19

Everyone has been around the club for about a month now and we need to remind everyone not to become complacent with the protocols in place for COVID19. We are so fortunate to be able to use Banook and have fun at our club; however, we are still operating under strict protocols at the club and it is important that everyone remembers to follow all the rules.

Gate Attendants – Member List

Please note: only registered members and approved individuals are permitted access to Banook. This includes adults who may be dropping off/ picking up from Member Activity camp. If a name is not on the Member list, the gate attendants will not permit access to Banook. If someone other than a Banook member is picking up your child, this must be arranged and approved in advance by emailing If someone is not on the Membership list or has not received prior approval, they will not be granted access to Banook. Gate attendants have been instructed to refuse anyone who is not on their list.

Sharing of PFDs

Sharing of PFDs is not permitted due to COVID19 restrictions and due to the possibility of incorrect sizing of shared PFDs. All paddlers must have their own PFD and must bring this daily to the club. If a paddler forgets their PFD, they will not be permitted to paddle.

Hand Sanitizer

Please use frequently – you will see bottles of hand sanitizer around the club


A reminder that athletes are in pods that are to stay physically distanced from the other pods. We know that some friends might be in different pods; however, it is important for the pods to stay distanced during the Banook day.

Squares on the grass

A reminder to all families on the grass to set up within the squares – each square is 6 foot distanced from all adjacent squares and this ensures required distancing.

Following Arrows/ Flows

Just a reminder to all members to follow the arrows and respect the flows around the club. This means in all locations – look down to check for the yellow arrow. All staircases are one-way flow, and this is clearly marked with arrows – please do not go opposite the arrows/ in the wrong direction. This rule applies at all times and to everyone using the club. Parents please use this opportunity to remind your children about the importance of following the arrows.

Dock spots

A reminder that the docks have spots for entry/ exit from boats. Coaches will also be reminding athletes, but we also ask parents to remind their children and Masters to remember that the dock spots are marked with red paint and yellow feet decals – please only touch he dock between the 2 red lines and enter/ exit your boat from these spots. We are still sanitizing the docks and we can optimize out use of the dock sanitizer if we only have to spray at these spots.

Sanitizing club equipment (boats, paddles, buns)

Coaches are sanitizing all shared club equipment, so please make sure to let a coach know if you have used equipment, so it can be sanitized before it is put away.


As of Friday, we ask all adults who enter the Banook building to please wear a mask while inside. Jett in the office will wear a mask if there is a visitor in the office. Coaches will wear a mask inside the club in all common areas and whenever distancing is not possible.

Blue Green Algae update

We have received no further information from HRM about the blue green algae spotted 3 weeks ago in Lake Mic Mac. There is no change from previous communication. Swimming at Banook remains open and will be available at the member’s own risk. Lifeguards are on duty weekdays and Saturdays. If your child is in our Member’s Activity Camp, we ask that you please stop by and advise our staff whether your child is permitted to swim. Our paddling program will not be impacted at this time. Because Banook does not do our own testing for Blue Green Algae, we rely on information from the Municipality to keep our members informed.

Feeling sick?

Just a reminder that if anyone in your house is feeling sick (with any illness), has any symptoms of COVID19 (call 811 for information), has travelled outside the Atlantic bubble in the past 14 days (if you have travelled, you are required to self-isolate for 14 days), or has come in contact with someone with COVID19, you must please stay at home and not visit Banook Canoe Club. If anyone in your household tests positive for COVID19, please advise Banook immediately via email to