COVID-19 Update – May 29, 2020

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COVID-19 Update #10
Hi everyone,
The Board would like to start this communication by extending a very sincere thank you to our members for your support – at all times of course, but most especially over these past few months as we have been navigating these unprecedented times. We have lots to update.
Special Meeting of the Members – update
On Monday, April 27, we held a Special Meeting of the Members. We conducted this meeting via GoToMeeting. The Bylaws of Banook Canoe Club require that we pass a Special Resolution to allow us to borrow money.
The bylaws state that we require 20 members for quorum – we had 49 members join this meeting. At this meeting, the Board put forth 2 motions – both were passed by the members with a vote of 48 members voting in favour and zero members voting against these motions (the President does not cast a vote, except in the case of a tiebreaker).
The following 2 motions were passed:
Motion 1:
The Board of Directors of Banook Canoe Club moves to pass a Special Resolution to allow the Board and the Executive to borrow money/ secure loans to ensure the operation/ viability of Banook Canoe Club up to the amount of $100,000. The Board will only borrow amounts required to ensure the continued operation of Banook Canoe Club until we are in a position to receive revenue.
Motion 2:
The Board of Directors of Banook Canoe Club moves to extend memberships of current members past the current expiry date of April 30. This extension will continue until the Nova Scotia State of Emergency is lifted and/ or Federal, Provincial, and Municipal orders/ recommendations allow Banook Canoe Club to commence operations.
Motion 1 allowed us to apply for the CEBA (Canadian Emergency Business Account) loan. This is the $40,000 loan offered to small businesses due to Covid-19. It is guaranteed by the Canadian government and if repaid by December 2022, $30,000 must be repaid and $10,000 is forgivable. We received this loan on Friday, May 8, 2020.
Motion 2 extended the memberships of current members. Usually annual memberships expire April 30 of each year. Passing this motion allows us to have a functioning membership group, should we need to call another Special Meeting.
The Board of Directors extends a very grateful thank you to those members who joined this call – we appreciate your support during these unprecedented times.
Back to Exercise Paddling
On Friday May 16, we received notification that Dr. Strang and NS Public Health approved a soft opening trial for Back to Exercise paddling. We were very excited to receive this notification and are grateful to ADCKC for being advocates for all the clubs and our sport in making this happen.
This soft opening trial was under very strict criteria, including dock sanitization between athletes, ensuring distancing on the dock, one person at a time allowed in the boat bay, no coaching, no training, no organized programming, hand sanitizer use, no bathroom or change room access and other conditions.
We set out very detailed instructions for our High-Performance and Masters members who were registered in programming only. We had volunteer dock and parking lot supervisors for our sessions to guide everyone through the new rules and process. Even with all our planning, preparation, guidance, attention to detail and communication, we made mistakes on day 1 which required us to shutdown for a day. I am pleased to advise that we learned from our day 1 experience. We had a successful week 1 for those who were able to paddle. Most other clubs offered paddling in week 1 to their High-Performance athletes only and will introduce other groups such as U14, Masters and Paddle-All in the weeks to come.
We are continuing the same process this week, as we are still in this 2-week soft opening trial. Because of the restrictions requiring dock sanitization, use of hand sanitizer, distancing requirements on and off the water, and other conditions, we remain closed for other use at this time. The locks and security code are still changed.
We have a subcommittee diligently working on multiple variations of plans to submit to ADCKC on how we might further open to our members. At this time, we do not know when we will be able to invite expanded club use – we are devising plans; however, this will depend on further easing of restrictions and how we make out with our experience during this current soft opening trial.
And we still do not know what our summer might look like. Our subcommittee is drafting these plans as well, and we are hopeful we will be able to offer some form of programming and membership activities – but right now it is still uncertain what this might be. As restrictions are eased, we will be able to formalize our plans. We are considering various possible scenarios in an effort to be ready to move forward.
Banook Operations:
Our Head Coach and Assistant Coach are assisting with the Back to Exercise Paddling by working part time to support the safety of the paddlers.
Our Office Manager and Custodian remain on layoff. The volunteer board continues to meet twice a week via conference call. All operations are being performed by volunteer board members including supporting the soft opening daily in person, performing minor club maintenance, overseeing the drafting of operational plans, looking after financial matters, meeting weekly with ADCKC and answering the office phone calls and emails.
Financial Assistance from Members:
We have had several members approach the Board asking if they could help, from a financial perspective. We are so grateful for the amazing community that is our canoe club.
We are considering a few ideas which we will communicate in the coming weeks, depending on what our summer ends up looking like. We do have one idea… please note, this is a voluntary measure.
Donate your 2019 Volunteer rebate back to Banook.
All members would have paid a volunteer fee when purchasing memberships in 2019. The Volunteer fee is $100 for a family membership and $50 for a single membership.
The intent of volunteer fees is to provide Banook members with the opportunity to “work-off” their volunteer fee – every hour of volunteer time equals a $10 refund of the Volunteer fee.
Banook depends heavily on our volunteers and our members step up to help. Currently there is approximately $5000 that we owe back to the members who volunteered their time and talents to help Banook.
If you would like, you could donate your volunteer fee refund back to Banook – meaning we would not refund your fees from 2019.
If you would like to donate your volunteer fee back to Banook, please send an email to
I know all the changes have been overwhelming and we have been asking for you to comply with all these restrictions for quite some time. We again ask you to continue to support us as we figure this out. We cannot tell you how much it means to your volunteer board to know that our members are in our corner with all this uncertainty. Thank you.
Stay safe, 
Kimberley Gaudet
Volunteer Board President/ Commodore