COVID-19 – Update 5

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Hi everyone – it’s been awhile since we have sent out a note… we don’t have a lot of news so this will be short… but we wanted to check in.

We miss you so much! Our members have been on our mind.

When we shut down on March 15, we had hoped we would be welcoming everyone back on April 6. We are sad that we were not able to do this.

As you all know, the province of Nova Scotia extended the state of emergency and all fitness facilities remain closed. All Banook facilities including buildings, grounds, docks and boat bays will remain closed until the provincial government allows for athletic facilities to open. Also, all provincial and municipal beaches, parks and boat launches remain closed under the NS state of emergency.

ADCKC has been monitoring water temperature. As of yesterday, it was still 6 degrees – this means that Cold Water Protocols are still in effect. (A PFD must be worn at all times and a coach boat must be present if you are on the water). ADCKC will continue to monitor this and update. They are communicating to the clubs and via social media (Instagram and Facebook).

Your volunteer Board of Directors continues to meet twice a week to discuss and to continue to manage the affairs of the club

  • exploring all options for financial relief through the provincial and federal governments as well as through our bank and service providers
  • monitoring the government recommendations during the state of emergency
  • interacting with Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) and the Atlantic Division (ADCKC) to make sure Banook is following the lead of our regulatory bodies
  • communicating with our athletes, members, coaches and employees

And most of all, we are fervently hoping we will be able to salvage our summer season! Keep your fingers crossed!

As we hear further information and updates, the Board will continue to pass these along to the members. We miss you!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these difficult but necessary measures.

Be safe and stay home,
Kimberley Gaudet
Banook Canoe Club Board President/ Commodore