Newsletter December 2019

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U12 Surprise Party

On Dec. 12, our U12 group celebrated a fantastic fall training season with a little surprise party after their workout. Our paddlers were excited to receive certificates of Achievement (and cake)!

Congratulatory Resolutions

On November 25, we were pleased to welcome Susan Leblanc, MLA Dartmouth North to Banook Canoe Club. Ms. Leblanc submitted Congratulatory Resolutions in the nova Scotia Provincial Legislature for Banook paddlers who earned Medals at Nationals this past summer. These resolutions were adopted on October 30, 2019 and appear in the official record of the Nova Scotia Legislature. She dropped by the club on Nov. 25 at the beginning of afternoon practice to present these resolutions to each athlete.

Congratulations to all our athletes for this well-deserved recognition. And thank you to Ms. Leblanc for recognizing the success of our athletes. We really appreciate her support!

Back row L-R: Susan Leblanc, MLA, Nate Davies, Assistant Coach Peter Korisanszky, Thomas Cox, Head Coach Toshko Kalpakov, Cole Parsons, Alex Canning, Ian Gaudet, Matt Pyle, Jack Hall, Lochlin Cranston
Front Row L-R: Raine Myers, Ivy Murphy, Sophie Bouvette, Emily Parsons, Emily Munroe

Canoe Kayak Canada Annual Summit

In late November, Canoe Kayak Canada held their annual summit – for the first time in Dartmouth. ADCKC were generous to provide each Atlantic Club with 2 registrations and Banook was represented by Toshko Kalpakov, Head Coach; Peter Korisanszky, Assistant Coach and Kim Gaudet, President of the Board of Directors. Peter and Toshko attended a number of workshops and coaching development sessions while Kim attended the Sprint Meeting of Members and the CKC Meeting of Members, as well as some workshop sessions.

CKC Coach Recognition

Congratulations to our head coach, Toshko Kalpakov! Toshko was recognized with a Coach Recognition Award when Canoe Kayak Canada honoured numerous coaches and their coaching achievements during the CKC Annual Summit.

Coach Recognition and Coach Development Awards were presented to coaches demonstrating excellence in leadership, initiative, and competitive success this year. Coach Recognition Awards are presented annually to coaches who have coached an athlete or crew to either the nomination to a CKC National Team (Senior World Championships, Junior World Championships, Carded Athlete, or National Development Team) or a gold medal at the Canadian Canoe Kayak Championships. Great job, Toshko! We are proud of you!

Weed Control Meeting

Recently Banook hosted a meeting organized by Stantec Consulting and the city of Halifax to discuss Developing a Long-Term Aquatic Weed Control Strategy for Lake Banook and Lake Micmac. Numerous stakeholders, politicians, and scientists were invited to this meeting. Of the 3 paddling clubs on our lake, only Banook Canoe Club sent representatives to this meeting. Kim Gaudet, Board President and Alex Canning, Board Athlete’s Rep listened to presentations and participated in discussions about weed issues and overall water quality. Alex provided a unique and valuable perspective, as a daily user of our lake on the impact to training, equipment, and racing. We look forward to further discussions and being involved in the planning of long-term solutions.

Banook Facility Projects

We hope you have had a chance to pop into the club to see some of the facility improvements over the past number of months, including new doors and ramps in the hall plus the marvelous new heat pump!

National Sport Trust Fund

We are still fundraising to support the purchase of a DRAGON BOAT, as our current dragon boat is coming close to being extinct. All donations are appreciated and through the National Sport Trust Fund, you can receive a tax receipt.

Become a Donor

The Banook Canoe Club is a non-profit organization, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. At BCC, we stress a family recreational atmosphere and a competitive canoeing and kayaking environment. Banook takes pride in its historic clubhouse and encourages members to take part in the preservation of the facility and the stewardship of the lake. Banook will issue charitable receipts for cash donations through the National Sport Trust Fund. If you wish to make a donation, please complete the Donation Form or contact the Club Manager. Click to download the Donation Form.

Volunteer Credits

We are starting to work on the reimbursement of members’ volunteer fees. Single members paid $50 and Families paid $100. This amount will be reimbursed to those members who contributed volunteer hours to the club (5 hours+ for single members and 10 hours+ for families). A number of these volunteer hours were tracked through iVolunteer (such as Safety Boat volunteers during regattas). Steve will compile all hours recorded in iVolunteer.

However, we realize that not all volunteer hours are logged in iVolunteer, so we request that all members to send a quick email to Steve, outlining your 2019 volunteer hours, in order to ensure you are credited with all your efforts. This is a bit of a lengthy process to compile and volunteer credit refunds will be issued in April 2020.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributes to our club – we would not be able to keep everything running without our amazing volunteers!

New Survival Suits

We are thrilled that Toshko and Peter received brand new survival suits part way through fall training. These suits are essential for our coaches who are on the water in motorboats with our athletes during the cold weather in the fall and spring. Thanks to Mark Ring for assisting us to obtain these new survival suits for our coaches!