Fun Throwback!

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If you happened to be at the lake on the final day of Nationals Qualifying, you would have seen a fun event happen. A “whisper” started from the Banook athletes in the Junior Men’s K2 200m event that all the crews should race in Van Dusen K2s. For those of you who have been around paddling awhile, you may remember these kayaks were popular in the 1990’s (before most of today’s competitors were born).

Once this “whisper” spread, the other clubs were onboard… the clubs around the lake still have these K2s in their boat bays – soon these boats were seen on the racks in front of Micmac and Senobe, as well as Banook, of course – a little birdie tells us Micmac may have dug out a little duct tape to make a quick repair… and Senobe with 2 of these beauties in their boat bay soon were seen dropping one off to lend to the Pisiquid crew. And then we spied Sack-A-Wa in a brown Van Dusen K2.

By race time 5 of the 7 crews were lined up on the start line in the vintage kayaks! And guess what – our Banook crew of Alex Canning and Ian Gaudet won the Junior Men’s K2 200m race, which of course qualified them for a slot at Nationals – in fact all 4 qualifying crews were in a Van Dusen K2. Such fun!