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Our summer programming begins on Tuesday, July 2, and our staff are ready and waiting for you! We have Paddling Coaches, Child Care and Day Camp Staff, Lifeguards and a Canteen Team prepared to do their best to ensure that everyone has a great experience with us.

For those in the Child Care and Day Camps, please go to the Gym to register your child and to drop off ALL the forms required. The Gym is upstairs – go though the tunnel and then through the right side door at the end of the tunnel and head up the stairs – we’ll be waiting for you.

And don’t forget that every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm, we have a BARBECUE at Banook for all those families in our programs. It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends, including the families of your children’s new friends, and have an inexpensive meal involving no dishes for you to clean!


We have volunteer opportunities with the BARBECUE, and our DAILY CANTEEN. We need your help and you will earn your volunteer credit. Volunteers can sign-up on our web site: https://banookcanoeclub.com/volunteer-sign-up/