Vacant Board Positions

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Since our AGM in September, we had two position become vacant that we are looking to fill for the next 10 months. Please check out the roles and responsibilities below and contact us if you have any questions.

· 5-10 hours per month
· Act as coach, advisor and counselor to assigned committees
· Support and defend policies and programs adopted by the Board of Directors
· Perform any other duties as assigned by the President and/or Board
· Attend monthly board meetings, events and committee meetings
· Identify, recruit and train committee chair for assigned committees
· Submit agenda items for Board of Directors meetings in advance of meetings
· Research current trends and topics pertinent to the meetings industry and portfolio and report findings to Board of Directors
· Perform Chair responsibilities when the Chair cannot be available

Finance Director
· 5-10 hours per month
· Accounting background preferred
· Attend monthly board meetings, events and committee meetings
· Provide consistent and reliable financial reporting.
· Provide consistent reconciliation of all sources of revenue.
· Help provide responsible fiscal budgeting.