Paddling & Blue-Green Algae

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UPDATE: This week’s U15/U13 Championships will still take place on Lake Banook regardless of the outcome of the water tests. We have installed an outdoor shower for the athletes to rinse off after their races or if they tip.

As mentioned last week, Banook Canoe Club has been in discussions with the Department of Environment regarding the presence of blue-green algae in Lake Banook.  They have advised against swimming or wading in the lake due to the potential presence of the algae throughout the entire lake.  For this reason we have modified our programming this week to ensure the safety of members.

  1. Children will still have the opportunity to paddle this week.  However, to reduce the possibility of falling into the water they will only be permitted in stable boats.  Our coaches know at this point of the summer which boats your child can paddle without tipping. Therefore, some paddlers may be limited to the more stable 2 and 4 person crew boats or the War Canoe and Dragon Boat.  As always, a shower is available on the dock to rinse off after paddling.
  2. The Kiddie Canoe and Open Wharf sessions will be cancelled until there’s no risk from exposure to the algae.  
  3. Our beach will remain closed to swimming.

We realise that some parents may be concerned about their child being on the water at this time. The decision regarding your child’s participation in any on water activity is up to you.  If you would rather your child stay on land during the time when their group is out on the water, please notify their coach prior to practice. 
If your preference is to not have your child on the water, the coaches will have other activities planned to keep your child entertained and active.
We thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with the extraordinary situation we are currently experiencing on Lake Banook.  We will provide another update once we have discussed the results of the latest water test (expected Aug 23) with the Department of Environment.