Canteen Supervisor

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We’re still hiring for summer 2018!

The Canteen Supervisor is responsible for the proper management of the club’s canteen.


  • Establish canteen operating hours
  • Order all food and drink items considered necessary to stock the canteen
  • Determine price lists.
  • Arrange pick up/delivery of all canteen items.
  • Ensure the canteen is regularly re-stocked throughout the season.
  • Supervise canteen staff as required.
  • Obtain daily cash float from the Manager in the beginning of business day and return float and sales receipts at the end of each day. Ensure all sales receipts and cash are given to Manager promptly at the end every business day.
  • Monitor sales to ensure the canteen is not overstocked on certain items.
  • Maintain appropriate records.
  • Ensure that the canteen and its contents are secure at all time.
  • Keep the Committee informed of all relevant matters.
  • Operate canteen on any other required days.
  • Ensure compliance with club safety standard and Banook Code of Conduct


It is essential that a range of ‘healthy’ food is always available at the canteen

Starts: 10 weeks starting June 28th.
Salary: $15/hr
To apply: