May 2018 Newsletter

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Here we are, just a few short weeks from our busiest two months of the year, and the Club is already going full tilt! We’re in full hiring mode with lifeguards, camp counsellors and coaches now hired, and we’re not finished yet! This is promising to be an exciting summer, and the team we’ve hired so far are talented, skillful and all around excellent people – I’m looking forward to seeing the magic they create.

Our summer Assistant Manager Tariro will be starting next week, and I know she’ll be a great asset to the Club. Tariro is going into her third year of Finance at St. Mary’s University, and she’ll learn lots of carry-over skills from her time with us. Please drop by the office and say ‘hello’.

We’ve many facility improvement projects on the go – there are two new docks arriving soon that will, by all reports, outlast all of us. And more, we are having the fascia and soffit replaced on the Hall side of our facility, and we’re also going to be replacing the siding on the hall in keeping with our Heritage Property designation

Once again, our ANNUAL PLANT and YARD SALE will be happening on Saturday morning, May 26, on the Green Space at the bottom of Sinclair St. and Prince Albert Road. For those that have attended in the past, you know we always have great items at fair prices, so make sure you find time to attend!

Upcoming Events

  • There are lots of other happenings and event coming in the near future, and we’ve highlighted some of them here:
  •  the PAN-AM Sprint Canoe Championships are coming September 13-16, 2018 and we’ll need lots of volunteers – there will be more information on this event in the next newsletter, but keep the dates in mind.
  •  OPEN HOUSE #2 – Sunday, June 3 (noon to 4pm) – come talk to us about the value of being a member of the Club, and our event coincides with Switch Dartmouth, a great opportunity to combine getting to experience our Club and the community around it. For more information on the Switch Dartmouth event, go to: For an opportunity to volunteer at the OPEN HOUSE, go to:
  • OPEN HOUSE #3 – Saturday, June 16 (10am to 2pm) – it’s another opportunity to speak with us about joining the club. For an opportunity to volunteer at the OPEN HOUSE, go to:
  • The BLUE GOOSE event at our club is an annual event which really showcases what and who we are to a large audience. It happens on Friday, June 22 and we’ll need plenty of volunteers to make this event go smoothly, so check with IVolunteer to sign up as soon as that event is posted!
  • Other volunteer opportunities include helping out with our boat repairs. For a chance to put some hours into this activity, please contact Ron Hill. Ron is also looking for a donation of a drill press to be used in the boat repairs so let him know if you can help. And to play a role in keeping our facility looking good and operating smoothly by involving yourself in minor facility repairs, please contact Phil Brown. Phil would also be interested in hearing of anybody with an unwanted self-propelled gas mower to use on our hilly grassy are.


  • The regattas have started and here is a link to them:
  • Wherever you see ‘BA’, that’s when we need to find volunteers to staff the Officials Boats. It’s a great opportunity to see a different side of racing and also gives you an opportunity to earn some volunteer hours.
  • • Check out the iVolunteer link at: We’ll have a link for every race that we have a need for officials.

ADCKC Officials News

Regatta availability: Please fill out the form on availability for the summer if you haven’t done so already.

Officials Meeting – Tuesday May 29th at 7:30pm at the ADCKC.

Officials Clinic – TBD but it is looking like it will be June 13th.

Membership Report

Things are ramping up on the membership front. We’ve held an open houses last month and had a good turnout, including brand new families and adult individual members registering. Keep up the good work promoting the club!

The next open house will coincide with Dartmouth Switch Open Street event on Sunday June 3rd from 12-4pm. For the first year Banook is going to be an official stop on the event map! We are hoping to get enough volunteers to run a BBQ fundraiser for the club and offer some fun activities for families dropping in. Please go to i-volunteer to sign up if you are interested in helping out with this event. We will be updating activities Banook will be offering as the event draws nearer.

Also, please don’t forget to register and pay for your membership and programs. Our ‘not-for-profit’ Club works hard to give you a great product and your full support is needed… AND appreciated!

I have started entering paddlers into PacTrac for CKC racing this summer. As paddlers and families register I will update the list.

Masters Report

Practices have been underway since mid-April

Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 6:30. Saturday morning at 9:00.

It has been a slow start this year with the program due to the weather but we are looking forward to a great season and are very happy to have some good coaching this year. Peter, Toshko, and Tim Schauss will be heading the program.

Thursday Night BBQ’s

And when the season starts in July, so will our Thursday night barbeques, which are always a popular way to get to know your children’s friends, your fellow members, your volunteer Board and the staff. Make sure you pencil these into your schedule now so ensure you take advantage!

The Board, led by President Geoff Bennett, along with all the staff, want 2018 to be a year to remember. Come on out and be part of things – you’ll never regret a minute of helping your club be all that it can be. Visit our website ( or email us at Banook@banookcanoe if you would like more information. See you at the Club, your ‘cottage in the city’.