Hello from Portugal – Day 4 & 5

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As the week progresses the weather just keeps getting better, cool mornings and around 25C in the afternoons. Pedro explained that the bit of wind we experienced the first day was extremely unusual. The water is typically flat and if there is a slight breeze there are so many sheltered places along the river you can find a good spot no matter what direction the breeze is coming from. The athletes are putting in lots of Km on the water and their hands are toughening up (everyone gathers together in the evening for a debrief and a little iodine for the hands).

The adults managed a quick trip to Coimbra on day 4 and a private wine tasting at a local vineyard from the 1700’s (currently owned by 12 year old twins) on day 5.

Athletes get a 30 minute sleep in tomorrow and then on the water and a run before hitting the coast for a little sightseeing.