Paddling Programs

The paddling day program during July and August is supervised by the Head Coach and delivered by Assistant Coaches. Each week’s lessons follow the guidelines of the CanoeKids program. The CanoeKids program falls under the SportCanada category; “Community Sport Stream”. The primary focus is the development of life-long paddling skills in a noncompetitive environment. The entire program is aimed at imparting skill development in a physically demanding sport, within the context of social, relaxed and ‘fun’ activities. Secondarily, the program is used as recruitment for the racing programs at Canoe Kayak Clubs. The High Performance Program is focused on competitive athletes that want to compete at the provincial and national levels. Many of Banook’s High Performance athletes have gone on to compete internationally. Check out BCC Community Calendar to find the regatta schedules and results.
Kiddie Kayak

Kiddie Canoe

Children between the ages of 4 and 7 are offered the chance to become familiar with paddling and water safety. Participants will use war canoes, the dragon boat, and mini kayaks (waves). Sessions are held four times per week. Cost is free for members.

Recreational Paddling Program (Ages 8 and up)

Groups are divided by age, from Atom to Midget, and supervised by coaches teaching water safety, basic skills in kayak and canoe and being part of a war canoe team. Time will also be spent team building, by playing games and doing fitness activities on land. (Limited to 75 participants per age group.)

High Performance (Ages 13 and up)

This is for youth who have achieved a high level of skill in small boats and have a high commitment to the sport of paddling. The summer schedule includes two sessions per day in small boats plus war canoe practices with an emphasis on fitness and technique. Instruction will be by experienced coaches. Participants will be performing at a competitive level at  local and national regattas. Also fall and spring training is offered to competitive paddlers. An evaluation by the Head Coach is required for admission into the program.

Masters (Adults age 20/up)

The program runs during the evening and Saturday morning under the supervision of experienced coaches. It is open to experienced paddlers and those new or returning to the sport. For beginners, the emphasis will be basic exercise and fun. All participants are encouraged to try the war canoe and the various small boats. There are masters’ regattas during the summer and participants may take part in the Canadian Masters Championships held in August.


Water Safety

Water Safety
The Canadian Canoe Association (CCA) requires all paddlers, regardless of age to pass the Swimmer 6 from the National Lifeguarding Society’s Swim for Life program. The swim tests take place during the Club’s Orientation Day. Typically the test consists of swimming from the Banook docks to the finish line and back, treading water for five minutes and performing a tip, turn and tow exercise in a canoe or kayak. The CCA and the Canadian Coast Guard set out minimum on-water safety requirements. All Atom age participants are required to wear a certified PDF at all time when on the water. Peewee age participants are required to wear a certified PDF except when racing in the regattas when they are permitted to wear a lifebelt. Bantams are required to wear a lifebelt at all times when on the water.

When training in/on cold water all athletes and coaches must water a certified PDF at all times and be accompanied by a safety boat.


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Banook Canoe Club

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finally, the hot weather is back! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Banook Canoe Club

Just a reminder of placing your singlet order if you need one by tomorrow morning. If you plan on sharing one, this will not work well for crew boats if you are in the same boat and will not work for war canoe.

ADCKC/CKC regulations require those who are 11 years old as of January 1st, 2018 and older to wear a designated club singlet. You will need one for the U13/U15 Championships August 23-25.

All those UNDER 11 years old DO NOT need a Banook singlet but must wear a red t-shirt at regattas. If you are under 11 and still want one then please do order one.

For the next month while you wait for your singlet, please wear a red t-shirt to regattas if you do not have the singlet pictured below as we have permission from ADCKC. There are no exceptions at National events, you must wear one of these when racing.

Banook has a few of these, but I don’t think we have enough for everyone. This year we are not going to make a large expensive order and end up not having enough of the right size and many of the wrong sizes. We are asking you to go onto this google document link and enter your name, phone number and put a big “X” in the square matching the size of the singlet your child requires.

Please keep in mind it is NOT a requirement for U11’s to wear singlets, they can wear a red T-shirt on their competitions days. If you are under 11 and still want one then please do order one.

Prices: Youth $42 and Women/Men $44. Please make payments to the Banook office. It will take 4 weeks from the time we place the order.

We are in a bit of a time crunch for you to purchase one of these singlets and need you to enter this data by tomorrow, July 16th at 1200. After this we will assume you already have one or do not need one. If your athlete is unsure of what size they require then please see me or Tiaro in the office and they can try on the different sizes we do have tomorrow morning.

Coaches will be following up with the athletes on Monday to remind everyone to enter their information if a singlet is needed.

As always if you have any questions please come see me or Tiaro in the Banook Office or send us an email.

Thank you,

Stephen Pottie
General Manager
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