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Coach Toshko


Toshko Kalpakov, Head Coach

Paddling highlights: After competing and then coaching at the world level around the globe for the past 30 years, I am now fulfilling a long time goal of coaching in Canada at the competitive club level.

Thoughts on the summer: Looking forward to helping our top athletes reach their full potential. I am also looking forward to mentoring the younger coaches while they support our athletes. I am hopeful that many of our athletes will have podium finishes this year.




Emma Marie MacIntosh, Senior Atom Coach

Emma Pic

Paddling highlights: I have been paddling at Banook since 2000, and coaching since 2011. I trained canoe competitively up until just a few years ago.

Thoughts on the summer: Banook is more than a sport club, it is a community. I am thrilled to be part of this close-knit community for another summer. I look forward to fostering young athlete’s success and most importantly, love of the sport.



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