Club Volunteer Opportunities

We Need You!

Volunteering has always been a very rewarding way to give back and to show you care. We know that you feel good about volunteering with your canoe club, because you understand it strengthens our club beyond what it would be without your volunteer input.

With that in mind, we want to offer you an opportunity that has win-winall over it! The Banook Canoe Club already has a very competitive pricing structure, especially given the tangibles and intangibles we offer. And heres a deal we only offer to our full members when you volunteer for at least five hours over the course of the year, you can reduce your individual membership fee by $50!!, and 10 hours reduces your family membership fee by $100.00!!

New for 2018-2019: 

We would like to trial a new volunteer opportunity this summer.  We have heard from new families that sometimes finding their “place” around the club can be hard and that the lawn can be intimidating to new comers.

 We would like to hear from anyone who spends most days with their families at the club who would be interested in earning volunteer credits by being a New Member Champion. 

The idea is, we would match interested new families up with an existing family to help them feel welcome and learn the ropes.  We would expect New Member Champions to arrange a time to meet with the new family at the club or let them know where to find them when they arrive for their first few days.  A warm welcome can mean all the difference for parents who are trying the club for the first time and it gives busy families an opportunity to earn volunteer credits by doing what they do every day at the club anyway!! Win, win    

This year some of the volunteer opportunities for members will be as follows:

    • Events (Hall events, open houses, tours, club events, etc…)
    • Mentorship Program (New members, young paddlers, adult paddlers, etc…)
    • New Member Champion
    • Donations for fundraisers (60% of their retail value)
    • Safety Boats for Regattas (1 member for am and pm sessions – 2018 dates are May 18, May 20, June 16, July 17, July 21, August 4, August 11, August 24, September 15th)
    • Rallies for Regattas
    • Officiating for Regattas
    • Boat Repairs
    • Minor Facility Repairs
    • Small Motor Maintenance
    • Painting
    • Helping with the Summer Canteen
    • Professional Services – Nutrition Counselling, Sports Psychology, etc…
    • Join the Board or a Committee
    • Other

Please stay tuned for update and calls for volunteers as these events come up.

Our club could not run without the generous help of our volunteers.  From fund raising, to club social events, our volunteers help make Banook the fantastic place it is for the rest of our members.  We are always looking for new ways to get members involved so if you have an idea for an event or can volunteer your expertise to help the club let us know!