Canadian Sprint Canoe-Kayak Championships

We are excited that nine Banook athletes received a medal at the Nationals in Sherbrooke. In total, our athletes won  6 Golds, 2 Silver, and 6 Bronze.  Many more also competed in the finals and achieved personal best times. 

Banook’s Nationals Results

Day 1:

  • U19 Men’s K1 500m Bronze – Alex Canning
  • U16 Men’s K1 200m Gold and Canadian Champion – Ian Gaudet

Day 2:

  • U19 Men’s K1 1000m Gold and Canadian Champion – Alex Canning
  • U16 Men’s K1 1000m Bronze – Ian Gaudet

Day 3:

  • U17 Men’s K4 1000m Gold and Canadian Champions – Thomas Cox, Ian Gaudet, Jack Hall, Cole Parsons
  • U19 Men’s K2 500m Bronze – Alex Canning and Ian Gaudet

Day 4:

  • U17 Women’s K4 500m Bronze – Carys McMurray, Emily Munroe, Emily Parsons, Lucy Traves

Day 5:

  • U19 Men’s K2 200m – Silver Alex Canning and Ian Gaudet

A special CONGRATULATIONS to Alex Canning (4 medals) and Ian Gaudet (5 medals) who had tremendous success on the water in Sherbrooke!

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