Hello from Portugal – Day 3

Day 3 of training and it’s a short one. After a bit of a sleep in, the athletes hit the pool for practice then had the rest of the day off and a tour of the Nelo factory. We had to rent a second car to accommodate everyone. It was an hour and half drive on open highway and easy driving to Porto-after Porto it was a little diceyJ.  After passing Porto we got a bit off track so stopped at a small restaurant for a bite to eat. Without being able to speak Portuguese it was a bit of a challenge  but we managed to order for everyone.  Back on the road we went from a little off course to a point where we were winding down a dirt logging road figuring we might have missed a turn or 2 but a few turns later the Nelo factory came in view.

We had a personal factory tour and learned about the history of the of Nelo company and even saw Nelo himself.  At the end of the tour we ended up in the warehouse to pick out a few souvenirs. After the tour we headed to a nearby outlet mall for some shopping and a good food court. Luckily we had a bite to eat as the drive home was bumper to bumper  through Porto (apparently a football game was just starting or letting out). Back on the water tomorrow.

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